The pizza is still warm

The User Help Hackfest started on Thursday 17th. Since then, we have been working in two tasks: user help and developer documentation.

Our host at CDOT (Centre for Development of Open Technology), Chris Tyler, organized a lunchtime talk where Shaun McCance explained the evolution of GNOME and showed the upcoming GNOME 3, followed by a session of Q&A. The audience was very interested in our next version and they made plenty of questions.

Documentation Hackfest at Toronto

In the user help the following documentation has been worked:

  • Having a GNOME session (working with the shell)

    • Starting applications (different ways of launching apps), windows handling (organisation, maximization, etc.), workspaces ("what the hell are workspaces?"), opening files (Tiffany Antopolski)
  • System settings

    • Accessibility (Shaun McCance)

    • File organization and back-ups (Tiffany Antopolski)

    • Hardware setting and troubleshooting (Jim Bull)

    • Look and feel (Natalia Ruz)

    • Mouse and touchpad (Natalia Ruz)

    • Mouse and touchpad (Natalia Ruz)

    • Power management (Phil Bull)

    • Printing (Jim Campbell)

    • Searching (Tiffany Antopolski)

    • Session management (Phil Bull)

    • Users handling (Jim Campbell)

    • Session fingerprint authentication (Paul W. Frieds):

Also, Shaun McCance also did some changes in Yelp to make it more appealing when showing documentation.

On the other hand, there was a cleanup of modules under gnome-devel-docs. Johannes Schmid has been working on demos in several languages for getting started with GNOME and I have been working updating and completing the platform overview.

The organization has been quite good, Ryan Lortie even managed to receive us with two warms days in Toronto :-) And, every morning we get muffins thanks to Syllogist (also known as Shaun McCance's start-up).

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If you would like to contribute, join us at #docs (, the pizza is still warm.

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