1. GNOME Foundation Budget and Plans

    Multi-User Area

    Thanks to the feedback of some teams, a draft of GNOME Foundation 2011 budget and plans (from October 2010 to September 2011) is available to be reviewed. There are two documents: a summary with short explanations of every item and a spreadsheet with the consolidated items.

    If your team has an activity in mind (hackfest, conference, or another GNOME related activity or idea), you can send your plan (with goals, deliverables and budget required) to the …

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  2. GUADEC: Travel sponsorships delayed


    In the Travel Committee we try to have an answer as soon as possible and before two weeks after we received an application form (for GUADEC, two weeks after the deadline). Now, we are officially delayed.

    For your information, we have been waiting for the accommodation deal and we expect to receive news by the next Tuesday 18th. Also, we know every week counts.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  3. GUADEC: Status of travel sponsorship requests

    The Travel Committee received 61 sponsorship requests (13 more than the last year). The information has been cross-checked (speakers, GSoC students and mentors, travel costs, arrival dates, etc.) and now we are working on the accommodation costs.

    7 Females
    54 Males
    18 Speakers
    11 Google Summer of Code students
    6 Google Summer of Code mentors
    39 Members of GNOME Foundation (4 GSoC students)
    7 Requested only accommodation
    5 Requested only travel fare

    In total, we …

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