1. The pizza is still warm

    The User Help Hackfest started on Thursday 17th. Since then, we have been working in two tasks: user help and developer documentation.

    Our host at CDOT (Centre for Development of Open Technology), Chris Tyler, organized a lunchtime talk where Shaun McCance explained the evolution of GNOME and showed the upcoming GNOME 3, followed by a session of Q&A. The audience was very interested in our next version and they made plenty of questions.

    Documentation team at work, sharing a big table.
    Documentation hackfest …
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  2. GNOME community survey

    A group of researchers leaded by Jim Herbsleb got in contact with GNOME Foundation some months ago in order to research how communities works, how a volunteer become an active contributor, among others.

    In the following days, developers (committers) will receive and invitation to complete a survey that would not take more than 20 minutes (or even less). However, the participation in the study is completely voluntary.

    It worth to mention that the results will be …

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  3. Executive Director Hiring Committee

    View of the top of Sky Tower from the ground.
    Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand

    In order to provide more transparency to the process of hiring the next Executive Director for GNOME Foundation, here is the list with the members of the Hiring Committee in charge of screening the applications received and interviewing the candidates. The list includes current affiliation and former activities related to GNOME Foundation.

    Members of the Hiring Committee (in alphabetical order):

    • Bradley Kuhn, Executive Director at Software Freedom Conservancy. Member of the …
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