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  1. PDF Annotations in Poppler GLib

    Last weekend I was in the in the mood of finishing the support to annotate PDF documents in Poppler's GLib frontend.

    For those who do not know, Poppler is the library used by Evince (and by extension Documents) to render PDF documents. Any performance or visual improvement in Poppler is an improvement for Evince.

    I restructured poppler-glib-demo to make easier to add and test multiple types of annotations (it was tied to text annotations, the ones …

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  2. Travel assistance applications to attend to GUADEC 2012

    Dear hackers,

    The GNOME Foundation provides travel sponsorships to individuals that want to attend GUADEC and need financial assistance.

    As we announced by email, the Travel Committee is receiving applications for sponsorships to attend to GUADEC 2012. This year, GUADEC is being held in the University of A Coruña, Spain, from Thursday 26th July until Wednesday 1st August.

    The instructions are detailed at https://wiki.gnome.org/Travel. Please read them carefully.

    Deadline: May 16, 2012 …

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  3. The Shining^WBudget

    Depiction of Jack Torrance's madness expression in the iconic “Here's Johnny!” scene from “The Shinning”.
    The Shinning.

    Some hours before the Annual General Meeting (also known as AGM) I published my last budget report as treasurer of GNOME Foundation. We used to do it annually, but since May we started to do it monthly. Now it also contains our bank balance (taking out the external funds we keep). As usual, you can find it at [Foundation's website](http://foundation.gnome.org/finance).

    The new officers were announced in the AGM. Shaun …

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